Tyre Safety Month Briefing

TyreSafe hosts an annual briefing to launch the materials for Tyre Safety Month and share the latest developments impacting tyre safety. Admission is by prior arrangement only but is open to tyre industry representatives and road safety stakeholders who are not formal supporters of TyreSafe. In 2016, the Tyre Safety Month Briefing was held at The Belfry, Wishaw on 14 July.

The main focus for the briefing is to launch the Tyre Safety Month campaign, held annually in October. The campaign gets bigger and better every year and is an ideal opportunity for organisations to get involved in talking about the importance of correct tyre care and maintenance.


During the briefing the brand new campaign themes and materials are introduced which are then available for supporters to use. Attendees also hear from road safety professionals, industry partners and supporters who may be able to provide advice and inspiration on how to successfully deliver campaigns in your own community.


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