Air Pressure: Car Fleet


Correct tyre pressures are vital for maximum safety, braking, grip and good tyre life.

Prolonged under-inflation causes rapid wear on the edges of the tyre, shortening their life. They will also suffer from excessive flexing and a build-up of heat which makes them much more likely to experience a dangerous blowout.

Over-inflation results in a reduced area of contact with the road, accelerated wear in the centre of the tread and makes the tyre more susceptible to impact damage. It also gives a more uncomfortable ride, another factor to consider for those racking up the miles in their line of work.

Nevertheless, there’s no excuse for tyres not to be at their correct level, as the recommended pressures can be easily found in the vehicle manufacturers handbook, inside the fuel filler cap or on a plate located on the drivers’ door sill. TyreSafe has also developed an online and iPhone app which details the correct pressures for your vehicle.

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