Asda boosts TyreSafe’s campaign to raise awareness on tyre safety


Supermarket giant Asda has joined forces with the UK’s tyre safety organisation – TyreSafe – to bring vital lifesaving tyre safety messages to its stores and customers nationwide.

Asda is the first major supermarket to team up with TyreSafe, a not-for-profit organisation which campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of dangers and defective tyres.

Asda will be able to work with TyreSafe to provide tyre safety advice through both its stores and the website providing guidance to its 19 million customers. By joining TyreSafe and becoming a ‘full member’, Asda will have access to TyreSafe’s campaigns and resource materials and will be able to offer additional support to its customers and staff.

Speaking about his commitment to the TyreSafe campaign, Richard Mason, Senior Manager Community and Corporate Responsibility said: “The health and wellbeing of our customers and colleagues is vital to us which is why we are pleased to have become a member of TyreSafe, using our stores to extend their tyre safety messages to our customers and colleagues.”

TyreSafe will work with Asda and Asda Tyres to give motorists a host of tyre safety advice.

“Adding Asda to our growing list of members is great news for TyreSafe and members of the public,” added Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe Chairman. “TyreSafe’s members and supporters come from a wide range of sectors including tyre manufacturers and retailers, car manufacturers, the emergency services, insurance companies, fleet providers, local road safety partnerships. They play a crucial part in raising the awareness of tyre safety, and the addition of Asda as a full members will substantially boost our campaign to encourage drivers to practise #SafeTyreChecks.”

TyreSafe’s research shows there is still a lot of work to be done in changing motorists’ attitudes to tyre safety. Most recently, in partnership with Highways England, TyreSafe’s survey of tyres at the point of replacement highlighted nearly 10 million dangerous and illegal tyres may be driven on Britain’s roads in 2015.

This has informed the message of the Tyre Safety Month 2015 our campaign, which will ask the tongue-in-cheek question ‘How often do you do it?’. It is hoped that drivers will answer ‘at least once a month and before long journeys’.

A range of resources, including leaflets, posters and digital campaign materials are available to support Tyre Safety Month activities. For further information about the campaign visit here.


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