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How to… Get into the local press

Local newspapers and magazines still have an important and hugely influential role to play in the local community.

The first place many local residents go to find out what’s going on in their community remains their local newspaper. Promoting your involvement in Tyre Safety Month is a perfect way to get into your local newspaper. What’s more to make it even easier, we’ve even developed a press release template for you to edit and customise which you can then send to your local newspaper editor. Journalists receive dozens of press releases every day so yours needs to look professional and stand out from the others. Think about how your story can help their readers. Are you offering them things like advice or a free safety check? Are you helping to keep them safe on the road as winter approaches? Are you helping them cut their motoring costs or even avoid costly fines? A good picture will always enhance your chances of being included in the newspaper. Any pictures need to be high resolution (probably greater than 2MB in size). Most prefer them to be supplied in jpeg format rather than just inserted into your press release or email. If writing your own press release, try to keep it concise and avoid using as much jargon as possible. We might know what you’re talking about but the chances are many of the readers won’t. Think about how else you could use your press release for even greater exposure. Would it be of interest to the local radio station or even any websites for your area? If you’d like any more advice about how to get your Tyre Safety Month activities into the local press, call us on 01787 226995.