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How to… Promote your involvement online

If your company or organisation has its own website, this is an ideal place to promote your involvement in Tyre Safety Month.

If your company or organisation has its own website, this is an ideal place to promote your involvement in tyre safety month. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to update your website yourself, we’ve already developed a number of digital banners of different sizes that you can pass on to the person who looks after your website. All they’ll need to do is add these in the same way as they’d insert any other picture. The banner can be linked to the TyreSafe website (, so that whenever somebody clicks on the banner it opens up a new tab in their browser and they can find the latest information from TyreSafe. If you’ve got a good customer database which contains email addresses, you might also want to consider sending a series of e-newsletters promoting any special offers or services you’re offering during Tyre Safety Month. If you’re doing an email campaign there are a few things you’ll need to consider to make it as successful as possible.
  1. Permission. Do you have permission to send the recipient an email? We all hate being sent spam so ensure you’ve got their permission first.
  2. Headline. Your headline or subject line needs to grab the attention of the reader. We all get so many emails these days it’s important your email stands out and is actually opened by the recipient.
  3. Content. Once they’ve opened your email it’s essential that you’ve got something interesting, useful and relevant to tell them. Think about what’s in it for them and get to the point – quickly. People only have a short attention span.
  4. Timing. Think about what time of the day it’s best to send your email.
  5. Frequency. Here, it’s a case of striking the right balance. People often need to be told something more than once for it to sink in, but equally, you don’t want to bombard them several times a day.
  6. Action. Make sure your email has a strong call to action. What do you want people to do as a result of reading your email and how can they do this?
  7. If you need any further support in promoting your local Tyre Safety Month campaign online, call us on 01787 226995.