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2018 Campaign

The need for the annual tyre safety campaign in October has once again been underlined by the research carried out by the TyreSafe team and the evidence collated. TyreSafe and tyre safety awareness depend on support to drive the change in attitudes needed to help reduce the number of tyre-related incidents on our roads.

Key messages

TyreSafe’s latest campaign reveals it’s actually the summer months when Britain’s motorists are more likely to be involved in a tyre-related incident. Despite the cold and changeable weather, and difficult road conditions, from October through to March, according to the Department for Transports data, it’s actually July when tyre-related incidents are at their most frequent with July and June close behind. The UK’s tyre safety charity believes this is due to a combination of factors. Firstly, as we all are too aware of, summer in Britain doesn’t necessarily mean consistently good weather and the variations in road conditions may well be catching out unsuspecting drivers. TyreSafe’s Guide to Summer Motoring summer campaign takes an informative and informal approach to informing motorists of the essential checks they should carry out. With an engaging video available to view and the Adventures in Tyre Safety booklet available to download, motorists can get in the holiday spirit and make sure they check their tyres before they go off on holiday.

Facts and Figures

Those drivers taking to the busier roads may also have less experience travelling long distances with fully laden cars. Britain’s motorways experience a 6%* rise in traffic during the summer period, with use of some the popular tourist routes through the countryside increasing by 25%.