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Case Studies 2018

Supporting tyre safety month is easy. Whether you’re interested in organising a local event with fellow road safety professionals or simply supporting by displaying our range of campaign materials around your business, the impact can be hugely positive for both your customers and your organisation.

Each October year the Tyre Safety Month campaign gets bigger and better and we’re grateful to all those who have participated in the past and those interested in joining in for the first time. With this ever-increasing support we can once again expand the reach of our life-saving tyre safety advice and information even further. TyreSafe encourages all participants to think of Tyre Safety Month as their own campaign and to help you with ideas, below we’ve compiled a range of case studies which may inspire you and add extra value to your activities. The team is ready to support these initiatives with materials and advice. TyreSafe may be able to help further publicise the event, connect organisers with other local supporters or provide materials which may enhance the plan. As such, the best time to let us know what your organisation is doing in Tyre Safety Month is at the planning stage.