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Highways England 2018

Accident statistics for England’s motorways and major A roads identify that for the second largest cause of death or serious injury, a failure to carry out basic tyre and vehicle checks is a contributory factor every time.

Highways England, the government-owned company responsible for these roads, has been given the goal of reducing such casualties on its network by 40% before 2020.

What did Highways England do?

Highways England ran a national marketing campaign across multiple platforms during and leading up to summer 2017. This was to reduce the number of breakdowns and casualties relating to poor vehicle maintenance, including tyre checks, and we set ourselves the following objectives:

The result

The advertising campaign has resulted in 48% of our target audience saying they were more likely to perform vehicle checks having been exposed to the campaign. Most positively, 15% more respondents have carried out vehicle checks prior to a recent journey having been exposed to the campaign. This shows a direct link between advertising and real-life action. Evidence that the behavioural strategy has had real-world impact can be measured using recent breakdown data. This shows a decrease in breakdowns during the summer and Easter period. For example, one set of breakdown figures for August 2017 show a reduction of 1,722 compared to August 2016 – and lower than the same month across the previous five years. Breakdown data also shows a significant decline in breakdowns during the Easter period from the previous year.

Get involved

Like what you hear and want to play a part in making our roads safer, then simply contact TyreSafe on 01787 226995.