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The original inspiration behind the Lexus tyre hotel project was to raise awareness of winter tyres, how they can improve safety in cold and wet conditions and importantly provide customer reassurance their tyres will be well looked after during colder months. ‘Giving your tyre a well deserved break’, was the copy used to great effect.

Why did Lexus get involved?

We wanted to create a seasonal piece of content to help raise awareness of winter tyres, and provide some entertaining content to help engage with new audiences and widen awareness of the Lexus brand and in line with our commitment not only to safety but a first class, luxury customer experience. A light hearted way at sharing a serious message and team up with a local boutique 5 star hotel to mutual benefit – social partnership in action.

What did Lexus do?

Online / social audiences, incl owners, auto interest groups but also hotels were targeted plus those who appreciate our brand’s communication around design, quality and innovation. The tyre hotel project included images and editorial posts for our corporate blog, to social media posts.

The results

Content was distributed across all our owned spaces: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, our corporate blog and the Lexus website. It was also seeded out to the Lexus network in order to reach a wider audience. This wasn’t an expensive marketing stunt. It had very little paid media behind it but was picked up organically and social audiences as a genuinely interesting piece of seasonal and relevant content.