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Protyre continues to make its campaign to raise awareness for Tyre safety bigger and better than ever before. An integrated multi-channel marketing campaign throughout the year has seen Protyre reach a bigger audience than ever before of 9 million people with relevant and engaging messages.

Taking advantage of new media and sophisticated targeting we are innovating and finding NEW routes to market with more engaging messaging to raise the profile of tyre safety all year round.

Why did Protyre get involved?

We also ran a dedicated Facebook and online campaign by servicing advertising to the same audience profile that had not received the mailing. Our content for all advertising tied in with the key consumer insights listed above and our brand purpose which was “car care made easy.”

What did Protyre do?

On Wednesday October 18th Who’s the Mummy blogger Sally Whittle @swhittle and Steve Dolby from TyreSafe met with Simon Hiorns, Retail director for Micheldever Tyre Services Ltd, at The Relations Group Great Titchfield studio to host a radio day campaign to highlight the importance of Tyre Safety month. The Key messages it included were: ▪ ‘Don’t chance it, check it’ – Protyre and TyreSafe are encouraging motorist to check the tread depth of their tyres during Tyre Safety Month ▪ Conditions are changing – darker night, wet roads mean it’s even more important to check tread depth, as well as tyre pressure ▪ People can use 20p coin test to check tread depth The result In summary… We have sent out: Over 2.8 million customer emails ▪ 454,780 vehicle reminders Served: 6.3 million Facebook ad impressions ▪ 6.9 million programmatic online display advertising ▪ 454,751 Sky TV ad impressions Reached: Over 5 million people with our tyre test video day ▪ 1.6 million people with our TyreSafe Radio Day ▪ 1.3 million visitors to ▪ Over 2.1 million individuals through organic social media reach ▪ Circa 7 million individuals through local marketing ▪ 3000 individuals through supermarket checks We checked over 3.6 million tyres between March 17 and March 18. In October’s tyre safety month we checked 270,725 tyres checked a 4% increase on last year’s tyre safety month.

Get involved

Like what you hear and want to play a part in making our roads safer, then simply contact TyreSafe on 01787 226995.