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Road Safety Professionals

Tyre safety month continues to grow each year, but its success would not be possible without the help of many road safety professionals across the UK. Road safety officers, local councils, police forces, fire services, driving instructors and many others are critical in helping to spread messages and improve behaviour about tyre care and maintenance, helping to make our roads a safer place. Tyre safety month provides road safety professionals with an ideal opportunity to run awareness campaigns, enforcement campaigns or even educational initiatives. Tying your local initiatives in with tyre safety month can help raise the profile of your activities and get the message out to the public as well as engaging with local and regional media. To see how other road safety professionals have supported tyre safety month in the past and the results it has had on their organisation, click here If you’d like some advice or ideas about how to run activities during tyre safety month, click here If you’re a road safety professional and you’d like some support from a local road tyre professional or expert, then click here