Caravanners – check your tyres for happy holidays!


As Easter and a spate of Bank Holidays loom large on the horizon, TyreSafe is advising caravan owners to give their tyres a full ‘health check’ to avoid possible motoring misery.

While tyre safety is important for all vehicles, caravan tyres, and those on trailer tents or motorhomes, which might have been left to stand outside over the winter and are not used that often, are especially at risk from rubber degradation.

This is because harmful UV rays can penetrate tyres, attacking the rubber ingredients that give resilience and flexibility. The result, particularly for under-inflated tyres, can be a terrifying high speed sudden rapid deflation

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, explains: “Exposure to the elements for long periods without movement can be a real cause of rubber damage to caravan tyres, often seen by cracking or a drop in pressure. Therefore it’s vital to ensure that the tyres are properly inspected before use and correctly maintained.”

TyreSafe recommends that tyres should ideally be checked by a professional but anyone inspecting the tyres themselves should pay particular attention to the tread and sidewall areas. Any sign of cracking should result in the motorist seeking professional advice or replacing the tyre.

If a foreign object is found embedded in the tyre then it should also be removed. Owners should also look for any damage in the tyre such as bulges, cuts or lumps.

“With the correct care and attention your tyres will help to ensure you arrive safely at your holiday destination safely, without disruption and with minimal cost,” added Jackson.

TyreSafe has a dedicated caravan tyre section on its website,, which is full of important tyre safety advice, information and tips.

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