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Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service formed a local partnership to remind motorists to prepare their vehicles for the wet weather. They organised 22 awareness and education events across the county.

Why did Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service get involved?

Tyre Safety Month coincides with the onset of the UK’s most challenging weather. Without adequate tread depth your tyres may not be able to perform properly in wet conditions, reducing your safety on the road. This made it a timely opportunity for CFRS to remind motorists that special care must be taken in these condition.

What did Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service do?

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) took this opportunity to form a partnership which would offer motorists a vehicle check in readiness for the adverse conditions.

Together with ATS Euromaster, Cheshire Constabulary and road safety teams from the local authority, 22 events were organised.

The initial objective was to engage face-to-face with 50 drivers per event, but this was quickly surpassed thanks to the demand.

The result

Utilising TyreSafe leaflets and materials to educate participants on tyre safety, 626 vehicles were checked and 3105 drivers were given advice.

At each location the number of drivers whose vehicles’ tyres were either badly worn, in poor condition or had very low tread depth highlighted the need for this awareness campaign. In fact, three vehicles were found to have substantial damage to the sidewall

Ultimately, this initiative has imparted a sense of awareness and knowledge of road safety to drivers of all ages.

Get involved

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