Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service

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As the winter months approached, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) saw the opportunity to help improve safety on the county’s roads with some direct engagement with drivers.

Why did Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service get involved?

To further reduce the number of casualties on the county’s, CFRS wanted to engage with drivers at 22 driving events across Cheshire to help them to prepare their vehicles in readiness for winter.

What did Cheshire Fire & Rescue do?

CFRS led an initiative, in partnership with ATS- Euro Master, Cheshire Constabulary and local authority road safety teams, putting on winter driving events that offered drivers the opportunity to have a free vehicle health check. As well as tyre safety, the checks also included lights, oil and water levels and child car seats. Participating drivers received a ‘thank-you’ pack which included a host of tyre safety information, tyre pressure and tread depth gauges. By utilising the expertise of a range of local services and organisations, ‘Team Cheshire’ as it became known, were able to offer credible advice on a wide a range of safety and car maintenance issues.

The result

CFRS set themselves a target of engaging with 50 drivers at each event. This was easily surpassed with the team checking 626 vehicles and offering advice to an amazing 3,105 drivers helping to spread the tyre safety message across the community.
Importantly, the teams were able to help drivers whose vehicle or tyre condition put them in imminent danger as well as older drivers who were less able to carry out the checks themselves.

Get involved

If you like what Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service did and want to play your part in supporting Tyre Safety Month and making our roads safer, then call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email

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