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Buying a new car or used car is the perfect opportunity to educate drivers on the importance of tyre safety, and Ford agreed spreading the TyreSafe message through its nationwide dealer network.

Why did Ford get involved?

Ford wanted to help its dealers up and down the country educate customers on the dangers of incorrectly inflated tyres, as well as promote Tyre Safety Month in the run up to winter and beyond.

What did Ford do?

A new section was added to Ford’s main UK website which included a list of its dealers who were participating in Tyre Safety Month as well as a link to the tyre pressure app on the TyreSafe website. The new section also highlighted the dangers of incorrectly inflated tyres and steered visitors in the direction of dealers who were offering a free tyre safety check.
Highlighting the importance of video in communicating safety messages to motorists, Ford made TyreSafe’s latest animation ‘The Hazards’ available via its dealer marketing site.

The result

A total of 570 Ford dealers were involved in Tyre Safety Month in 2013, each creating new sections on their own dealer websites to help educate motorists on the importance of tyre safety.

Get involved

If you like what Ford did and want to play your part in supporting Tyre Safety Month and making our roads safer, then call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email

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