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The involvement of tyre manufacturers is vital to TyreSafe’s campaigns and so it was fantastic to see the efforts from Giti Tyre supporting its first Tyre Safety Month campaign as a member of the group.

Why did Giti Tyre UK get involved?

Giti Tyre UK was inspired by talks at TyreSafe’s annual industry briefing to get fully involved in their first Tyre Safety Month as a member. As a tyre manufacturer, Giti felt that the investment put into producing safe tyres should go hand in hand with the responsibility to educate and inform consumers on the importance of tyre safety.

What did Giti Tyre UK do?

Giti launched a range of marketing initiatives to engage consumers on tyre safety.
A wealth of press releases were created and sent to trade and regional press highlighting GT Radial Performance Centres (GTPC’s) involvement in Tyre Safety month. Website changes were made, such as TyreSafe banners being added to retailers’ regional websites, and 220 GTPC’s received tyre safety packs including leaflets and posters.
GTPC’s across the country ran tyre safety events including tyre safety sessions to 6th Form students and free tyre safety health checks.

The result

Giti Tyre saw excellent levels of engagement with its activities. More than 13 per cent of its website traffic clicked on tyre safety messages during Octboer’s campaign month. Importantly, GTPC’s were assisted in their responsibility to educate drivers in their local areas on the tyre safety issues, helping them to build great relationships with local public bodies such as schools, councils and police forces.

Get involved

If you like what Giti Tyre did and want to play your part in supporting Tyre Safety Month and making our roads safer, then call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email

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