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The dedication of TyreSafe members and partners to raising awareness of tyre safety runs throughout the year. Jeff Fowkes Wheels Limited uses seasonal opportunities to keep its tyre safety message fresh and targets specific audiences with focused campaigns.

Why did Jeff Fowkes Wheels get involved?

Jeff Fowkes Wheels, as a supplier and fitter of new tyres in Leicestershire, understand first hand the benefits of safe tyres. As members of TyreSafe are dedicated to raising awareness of tyre safety in their local area.

What did Jeff Fowkes Wheels do?

As well as its Tyre Safety Month activity, Fowkes runs a series of seasonal campaigns throughout the year. In 2015 the Fowkes calendar of campaigns kicked off with a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ to check tyres, followed by ‘Love your tyres’ for February’s Valentine’s Day. ‘Spring has sprung’ saw two months of campaigning through March and April.

Fowkes is now set to target young drivers with the support of a range of partnerships. Through Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service’s VF4 team, Fowkes will deliver the tyre safety messages into schools and through car enthusiast groups.

A partnership with Loughborough University should ensure aspiring mechanics will become tyre safety advocates. With driving instructors next on the target list, Fowkes is ensuring the tyre safety message is communicated in its area all year round.

The result

Jeff Fowkes Wheels sees tyre safety awareness as part of their service to their customers and the local area for the whole year. During Tyre Safety Month alone held a lady drivers evening raising awareness of tyre safety to women in their area, they partnered with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service to hold a number of roadshows and provided free tyre safety checks all month long.

Get involved

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