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Independent and local tyre retailers are an important point of contact between the motorist and the tyre industry which is why their campaigns are so important in helping to communicate the TyreSafe message all year round.

Why did Jeff Fowkes Wheels Ltd get involved?

The team at Jeff Fowkes Wheels were seeing an increasing number of illegal and defective tyres fitted to vehicles and wanted to promote the importance of tyre safety in order to tackle this rise.

What did Jeff Fowkes Wheels Ltd do?

In addition to displaying TyreSafe campaign materials in their showroom and promoting free tyre safety checks, the Jeff Fowkes Wheels team organised a number of events across Leicestershire to promote tyre safety and educate drivers. These included an elderly drivers event, radio interviews on a local station, a lady drivers evening and a number of supermarket and shopping centre roadshows with Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service (LFRS). As well as on the ground campaigns, Jeff Fowkes Wheels also exploited a number of high-profile media opportunities with local newspapers and magazines.

The result

Over three days at the roadshows conducted with LFRS, over 996 tyres were checked on more than 240 cars. A staggering 82.4% of tyres were found to be under inflated. All drivers participating in the roadshows were provided with a free tyre safety information pack, including TyreSafe leaflets and a complimentary tyre depth and pressure gauge.

Get involved

If you like what Jeff Fowkes Wheels Ltd did and want to play your part in supporting Tyre Safety Month and making our roads safer, then call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email

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