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Being a major participant in the UK tyre industry, Micheldever was able to use its reach to communicate tyre safety to a wide audience.

Why did Micheldever Tyre Services / Protyre get involved?

For Micheldever Tyre Services / Protyre, Tyre Safety Month acts as a focal point for its ongoing campaign to raise awareness of tyre safety to its wholesale and retail customers through its branches and media activity.

What did Micheldever Tyre Services / Protyre do?

Activities focused on achieving some challenging annual objectives. Reaching 4 million people with the tyre safety message, removing 1.2 million tyres from the supply chain, participating in 150 events, and educating 500 consumer-facing tyre retail staff.

To achieve those targets, Protyre placed nearly 200 adverts and secured more than 20 articles in local newspapers during Tyre Safety Month, conducted a radio campaign, and supported TyreSafe partners and members at over 120 events.


The result

In total, Micheldever Tyre Services and Protyre teams reached over 5 million people with the tyre safety message and helped remove over 1.3 million unsafe tyres from the market. Micheldever continues to use Tyre Safety Month as the centre of its tyre safety awareness campaign.

Get involved

Like what you hear and want to play a part in making our roads safer, then  call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email theteam@tyresafe.org

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