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Why did Northampton Fire and Rescue and Northampton Police get involved?

As road safety alliance partners (Northamptonshire Police, Fire Service & Highway), Northampton Police and Northampton Fire & Rescue identify areas of particular concern based on collision data, speed data and safety issues raised by the local community.

The objective, to encourage the local community to get involved with tyre safety as well as educating motorists on why, how and when to check their tyres.

Using their own information on high profile KSI (killed and seriously injured), Northampton Police and Northampton Fire and Rescue created clear and precise engagement activities.

What did they do?

During Tyre Safety Month, Northampton Fire and Rescue and Northampton Police planned and delivered numerous road safety events from roadside checks, drop in sessions at the local fire station and local supermarkets as well as demonstration days and fire service car washes.  During road side checks, officers pulled over motorists committing other traffic offenses and checked their tyres. The one on one engagement gave officers the opportunity to educate and influence.

Attendees to the organised events were educated on how to check their tyres and why tyre safety is important. Many received free tyre gauges. All activities were supported by a strong social media campaign.

The result

The road safety alliance partners worked together to create a comprehensive plan to promote tyre safety. The education from the road safety professionals to the general public was outstanding. A few particular stand out statistics

  • 200 tyre checks made at one event
  • 80% of tyres inspected required action
  • 61 drivers quizzed on when they last checked their tyres

Get involved

Like what you hear and want to play a part in making our roads safer, then call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email

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