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Why did Protyre get involved?

Protyre records the tread depth of all tyres replaced in their stores. Pre-recession, 2% of tyres replaced were below 2mm. This figured doubled post-recession suggested consumers were comprising tyre safety for savings. A further study also suggested 42% of consumers didn’t know what the legal limit for tyre tread depth.

Protyre wanted to challenge the consumer perception on tyre safety using informative and educational techniques across all forms of media. Another key objective was to beat their 200k project, aiming for 250,000 tyres be checked during October with the hope of removing 60,000 illegal/dangerous tyres from the road.

What did they do?

Simon Hiorns alongside Stephen Dolby performed a series of radio interviews up and down the country encouraging motorists to check their tread depth, be aware of the changing weather conditions, how to check their tread depth and where they can go if they’d like their tread checked for free.

The radio campaign tied in with the adverts that had been booked in local media which again promoted the key tyre safety month messages ‘don’t chance it, check it’ and ‘free tyre checks available here’ As well as a comprehensive social media campaign.


The result

Protyre saw excellent levels of reach and engagement with its activities. Their messages about tyre safety reached an audience of over 2 million people. Visits to their website during Tyre Safety Month increased by over 18,000. 15% of customers receiving the Protyre reminders had a tyre replaced as a result.

Get involved

Like what you hear and want to play a part in making our roads safer, then  call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email

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