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The simple aim of reducing the number of road traffic accidents where poor tyre condition was a reason for the collision was the main reason for Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership to raise tyre safety levels across their region.

Why did Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership get involved?

Staffordshire has some of the busiest roads in the UK, primarily stretches of the M6, so tyre safety is a major concern whether for motorists driving through the area or those people who live and work in the county.

Tyre safety month, as well as on-going campaigns, was seen as an effective way to raise awareness to the importance of tyre safety and for regular tyre checks.

What did Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership do?

Using TyreSafe marketing literature, such as posters and leaflets, as well as tyre safety DVDs, the team from Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership visited local supermarkets and talked with motorists to drive home the tyre safety message.

It also engaged with Health and Safety managers at local businesses so they in turn could raise awareness about tyre safety month to their own employees using TyreSafe promotional materials.

Internally, the tyre safety message was highlighted through notice boards, emails and payslip advertising.

The result

Results highlighted that work was clearly needed to be done in raising awareness to the importance of regular tyre checks.

Tyre safety month has become an annual calendar fixture for Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership and compliments its other campaigns which are on-going throughout the year.

Get involved

Like what you hear and want to play a part in making our roads safer, then  call TyreSafe on 01787 226995 or email

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