Chelsea FC becomes TyreSafe’s latest signing


Chelsea FC, one of the most famous football teams in the world, has become the first Premier League club to lend its official support to the UK’s tyre safety awareness charity, TyreSafe. The high-profile signing follows support of Tyre Safety Month in 2015 by the Chelsea Ladies FC team, which has now grown to include the club as a whole.

Chelsea FC Managing Director, Christian Purslow, said: “Each week, our teams, staff and tens of thousands fans travel to matches and activities across the country and beyond, and one of our priorities is doing everything we can to help them arrive safely. Tyres have a critical role to play and by becoming an official supporter of TyreSafe we hope to spread the message to our fans that carrying out regular checks will reduce their chances of a tyre-related incident.”

Chelsea fans have already been introduced to the Tyre Safety Month message following activities at Stamford Bridge last October. In partnership with Yokohama, Chelsea FC’s Official Shirt Sponsor, matchday programmes carried features on tyre safety while a message to remind fans to check their tyres was played at the end of the games as they readied themselves to leave the stadium. Activities for 2016’s Tyre Safety Month will be announced during October.  Stuart Jackson, Chairman, TyreSafe, said: “TyreSafe’s tenth anniversary year has seen us achieve charity status, deliver three targeted campaigns, an innovative app, and the largest ever survey of tyres at the point of replacement to inform road safety policy. It’s been an outstanding year which has helped us grow our supporter base, and with it the reach of the tyre safety message. Having the official support of Chelsea FC in spreading awareness of the regular checks motorists should be carrying out is simply fantastic and demonstrates the relevance of this potentially life-saving advice to anyone using a vehicle on the road.”

TyreSafe recommends motorists check their tyres once a month and before any long journey. A tyre’s tread depth is essential for providing grip, especially in the wet, and should be above the minimum legal limit for cars and vans of 1.6mm. As a guide to tread depth, place a 20p coin inside the main grooves across the tyre and at various points around its circumference. If you can see the outer rim at any point, your tyres may have too little tread and you’re not only risking an incident but also a £2500 fine and three penalty points – for EACH tyre.

Lumps, bumps, cuts or cracking on a tyre could be evidence of damage likely to increase the risk of a catastrophic failure while driving, so it’s important to check for these just as regularly as tread depth – and your tyres’ air pressure. With too little air, an underinflated tyre will have a detrimental impact on the way a vehicle corners and brakes – while also making it more vulnerable to damage and increasing fuel consumption. Refer to the handbook, fuel filler cap, or the plaque inside the door shut or glove compartment, for the correct settings and don’t forget to check whether they need to be adjusted when the vehicle is fully loaded.

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