Crash test dummies make ACT-ing debut in tyre safety animation!


As part of October’s tyre safety month, TyreSafe has enlisted the support of the McIntyres, an animated family of crash test dummies who can be found offering some key tyre safety tips to drivers.

In their first appearance for the organisation, the family highlight three key aspects of tyre safety – Air pressure, Condition and Tread depth (ACT). What’s more, they show a number of quick and easy ways for drivers to check these important areas, helping to keep them safe on the road.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “It may be delivered in a new and entertaining way, but our film has some really important messages in it which could help to save a number of lives. I would urge all drivers to spare just a couple of minutes to watch it and take on board the McIntyres’ advice. If our dummies understand the importance of tyre safety, then I’m sure us humans can do the same.”

Despite significant awareness by TyreSafe about the dangers of incorrect tyre maintenance, tyre abuse is still a huge problem in the UK. Each year, more than 1,000 road casualties result from accidents caused by illegal, under-inflated or defective tyres. As well as increasing their chances of being involved in an accident, drivers who are found to be driving on illegal tyres face the possibility of a £2,500 fine and three penalty points for each illegal tyre.

As demonstrated in the McIntyres movie, tyres should be examined at least once a month or before any long journey. The air pressure should be checked when the tyres are cold and against the manufacturer’s recommended level, which can be found in the fuel filler cap, driver door sill or vehicle handbook.

Meanwhile, tyres should also be given a thorough visual inspection. Any objects embedded in the tread should be removed and drivers should check for any lumps, cuts or bulges.

Tread depth can be checked by inserting a 20p piece into the main grooves of the tyre. If the outer band of the coin is visible, then the tyre tread may not have sufficient depth and should be inspected by a qualified specialist.

If drivers are in any doubt about any aspect of tyre safety, they should take their car to one of the hundreds of garages and tyre dealers across the UK who are offering free tyre safety checks as part of tyre safety month.

“Although the McIntyres have made their debut as part of tyre safety month, drivers need to remember that they should make checks all year round. However, as shown in the film, it only takes a few minutes and can make a dramatic difference to your safety on the road.”

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