Danger tyres to be targeted in Scottish campaign


This year’s Scottish Winter Safety Campaign incorporating Scottish Tyre Safety Week will again focus on the importance of tyres, the only contact a vehicle has with the road surface.

This year’s campaign will run from Monday, 6th November to Friday, 10th November. During that period motorists can take advantage of free tyre safety checks being offered at major participating tyre dealers throughout Scotland.

Figures just revealed by the Tyre Industry Council, the organisers of Scottish Tyre Safety Week, from checks undertaken last year show that almost 30% of cars on Scottish roads need at least one tyre replaced because they are either defective or badly worn. Ken Malcolm road safety advisor to the Tyre Industry Council has warned of the dangers of driving with worn tyres. “Four patches of rubber no larger that the palm of your hand is all that connects you with the road”, said Ken, “and the purpose of our campaign is to draw motorists attention to the importance of checking tyres and maintaining them in good condition with adequate tread depth and inflated to the correct pressure”.

The tyre law requires that tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth around the central ¾ of the tyre. The penalty for breaking the law is a possible fine of £2,500 and 3 penalty points on the driver’s license.

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