Don’t get left out in the cold! Benefits of cold weather tyres


20thDec07-2TyreSafe explains the benefits of cold weather tyres with the publication of a new leaflet.

The incidence of car accidents on wet roads during winter months in the UK leaps by a staggering 267% according to DfT figures. TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, is advising motorists of the importance of ensuring that the tyres on their vehicles are in top condition to stay safe this winter.

TyreSafe is also providing information on a new type of tyre now being made available to drivers in the UK – cold weather tyres. These tyres should not be confused with winter tyres – preferable for use in heavy snow and ice – but have been developed to give improved grip at 7 degrees centigrade or below. At this temperature, the tread compound of standard “summer” tyres – as fitted to the vast majority of cars sold in the UK – begins to harden and provides less grip.

The tread compound used in cold weather tyres contains more natural rubber and thus minimises the hardening effect. As a consequence, this new type of tyre gives extra grip in cold, wet and icy conditions. Drivers will experience significantly shorter stopping distances. Braking tests on icy roads at 20 mph have shown that a car fitted with cold weather tyres will come to a complete stop a full 11 metres sooner than a car fitted with “summer” tyres. In a further test, braking from 62 mph on a wet road in temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade, the car with cold weather tyres will stop 5 metres before the car with standard tyres.

In addition to the safety aspects associated with cold weather tyres, there is also a financial incentive for the average driver. In winter months, the wear on “summer” tyres increases, whereas with cold weather tyres, wear rates can be reduced by up to 20%. As well as this, cold weather tyres are just as quiet and provide just as comfortable a ride as standard tyres.

TyreSafe recommends that UK drivers visit their local fast fit dealer or independent tyre retailer to discuss the option of fitting cold weather tyres for winter months. Cold weather tyres have been developed by most large tyre manufacturers and whilst the market for this type of tyre in the UK is currently small, cold weather tyres are becoming increasingly popular across the rest of Europe.

Note to Editors
TyreSafe is a not for profit, non commercial organisation set-up to promote tyre safety and raise the awareness of the dangers of driving on defective or badly worn tyres. Illegal and worn tyres are a contributory factor in many road collisions particularly in the wet. TyreSafe campaigns for good tyre husbandry – look after your tyres and your tyres will look after you.

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