Joint winners for TyreSafe’s 2012 achievement award


Sussex Police and Chandlers BMW have been awarded TyreSafe’s prestigious outstanding achievement accolade for 2012. Chris Downes from Chandlers BMW and Phil Barrow from Sussex Police collected the award at the recent Tyre Recovery Association’s annual dinner held at the Ardencote Hotel, Warwickshire.

The honour is in particular recognition of their joint collaboration during last October’s Tyre Safety Month when they arranged a series of tyre safety roadshows at local supermarkets, shopping centres and Chandler’s very own Hailsham dealership. Additionally, they gained some valuable media coverage beyond the county’s borders because of their endeavours, helping to further increase awareness about tyre safety issues.

Indeed, particular praise was given by judges for their innovative approach. By chiefly targeting shopping centres and supermarkets they were able to engage with shoppers in areas of high footfall, ensuring the tyre safety message was spread to a large audience.

The award announcement also comes hot on the heels of the news that Sussex Police has just also become an official supporter of TyreSafe.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “By working together Sussex Police and Chandlers BMW have made an important contribution to tyre safety on the south coast.

“It’s a tremendous example of what can be done with limited resources but a lot of imagination. In this instance it’s definitely a case that two heads are better than one!”

Being at the sharp end, police officers are only too aware of the consequences that drivers face if they don’t look after their tyres. Indeed, last year more than 1,200 casualties were killed or injured in accidents involving a vehicle with illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres.

Phil Barrow from Sussex Police said: “Tyre safety plays a crucial part in a vehicle’s performance. If a tyre is not properly maintained then it can have devastating consequences, not just for the driver but also the passengers and other road users.”

Meanwhile, Chandlers BMW also continues to promote tyre safety all year round at its dealerships, with a range of tyre safety leaflets and promotional materials on display. It sales staff are also keen to pass on the tyre safety message to new and existing customers whenever possible.

Chris Downes from Chandlers BMW said: “Chandlers BMW is only too happy to be involved with TyreSafe and Sussex Police and help increase the awareness among local motorists about the importance of looking after their tyres.”

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