Local councils assemble behind TyreSafe


The UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, TyreSafe, has announced that the latest in its growing ranks of supporters are three local councils from England and Scotland.

Heralding from the Wirral, St Helens and the Shetland Islands, the new advocates have joined in time to get behind this October’s tyre safety month campaign which will be reminding drivers about the importance of correct tyre pressures.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “While it’s always great news to welcome new supporters, it’s particularly pleasing to see those from the public sector who can make a huge difference to road and tyre safety in their respective regions.

“Indeed, motorists in these areas are likely to see a wide range of activities designed to educate them about how they should properly maintain their tyres to stay safe and legal.”

As well as public bodies, TyreSafe members and supporters come from all sectors of the automotive industry including car and tyre manufacturers, plus retailers, insurers and many emergency services, all keen to play their part in improving tyre safety across the UK.

Jackson added: “Whether you represent a public body or the private sector, then it’s not too late to get behind tyre safety month, plus you can still support TyreSafe which also runs a variety of other specific tyre safety campaigns throughout the year.”

For motorists unsure of how to look after their tyres, or those who would like a more thorough examination of their tyres by a trained professional, a list of TyreSafe members offering free tyre safety checks can be found by visiting here.

Meanwhile, organisations keen to join forces with TyreSafe should contact Christine Joyce on 0845 301 6852.

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