Tyre Check Kits for the Police

Mr. Green accepted the kit on behalf of all English forces – ACPO has approved the kit for use by English police forces and the TIC is now in the process of providing each force with an example of the kit which contains digital tread depth and pressure gauges. “We hope that forces will purchase the kits for traffic vehicles and we are working on ideas to support this with sponsorship deals from the tyre industry and related companies,” said TIC secretary Peter Taylor. The TIC Tyre Kit can provide a virtual tyre ‘health’ check. It contains a top quality and highly accurate digital tread depth gauge and pressure gauge from Mitutoyo Automotive Technology – considered to be the industry leading products in the marketplace. The kit includes a calibration certificate, or if required, a calibration block. Two police forces, Strathclyde and Norfolk, have already received batches of kits sponsored by Kwik-Fit and Stapleton’s Tyre and Exhaust Centres respectively.


This article was posted on 19th July 2011 in Latest News

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