Fit & Hope video highlights part worn = part safe

‘Part worn = part safe’ is the message TyreSafe is sharing with Britain’s motorists as it launches its latest video, Fit & Hope. The impactful video highlights the frightening but all too commonplace safety issues part worn tyres may have when they are sold to unsuspecting members of the public.

Even though there are clear regulations surrounding the sale of part worns, TyreSafe and Trading Standards investigations consistently uncover an alarming number with poor puncture repairs, internal damage and even nails in them. All the tyres featured in Fit & Hope were bought from part worn retailers or seized during TyreSafe and Trading Standards’ joint investigations. The true-to-life experience of buyers in the video was further reinforced during a recent activity TyreSafe carried out with Police Scotland, Trading Standards, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and BBC Scotland. During the raid of one premise, 23 tyres were seized with a range of potentially lethal defects including one tyre with an embedded socket in the tread, another with a six-inch nail and many others with severe internal damage. While the sale of part worn tyres is legal in the UK, TyreSafe strongly recommends buying new tyres. While the sale of part worns is legal in the UK the law is very clear about the status and condition that second-hand tyres should adhere to. The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) Regulations 1994 (reg. 7.), which is part of the Consumer Protection Act, states that it is an offence to sell part worn tyres that do not meet key requirements: More than five million part worn tyres are sold each year to motorists in the UK despite widespread concern at their safety and of the competence of retailers. Recent investigations have found as many as 94 per cent of the tyres tested do not comply with current regulations and 58 per cent have safety-related defects. Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe Chairman said: “Unfortunately, each time TyreSafe carries out an investigation to monitor how part worn tyres are sold in different regions of the UK, the findings remain worryingly similar. Part worns are regularly being sold by retailers who, at best, do not fully understand their obligations under the law, or, at worst have little concern for the safety of those buying their tyres. “All too often part worn means part safe, so TyreSafe recommends you don’t fit them and hope but buy new tyres as you can be sure of their safety.” You can watch the video here. For more information on all aspects of tyre safety, visit

This article was posted on 5th June 2018 in Latest News, Tyre Safety

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