Milwaukee Yamaha encourages riders to make a PACT


British Superbike team Milwaukee Yamaha is getting behind the latest campaign by road safety group TyreSafe, in a bid to help riders get the maximum performance from their machines this spring.

The team, whose first race takes place at Brands Hatch on 7th April, is asking owners to make a PACT with their bikes, and check their tyres’ air pressure, condition and tread depth before embarking on any rides. And by doing so, it advises riders will be able to achieve the maximum performance and enjoyment from their ride.

“As well as marking the start of our racing season, the spring is also a time when many riders will be dusting off their machines for their first ride of the year,” explains Shaun Muir, team principal, Milwaukee Yamaha. “After the winter lay-off, it’s essential that riders give their tyres a thorough inspection before heading out. Whether they’re coming to see us at Brands Hatch or simply taking to the lanes to make the most of any fine weather, they’ll have a much more enjoyable and safer ride if their tyres are in a good condition.”

While correct tyre maintenance is essential all year round, this spring is expected to be an even more important time for bikers. Record rainfall levels and freezing conditions over the winter have left road surfaces in a particularly bad state with many councils struggling to properly repair a record number of potholes. Tyres not properly inflated are much more susceptible to impact damage from potholes causing potentially hazardous problems. Equally, poor inflation and low tread depth may hamper riders’ ability to make emergency avoidance manoeuvres if they do spot a pothole ahead.

To help riders prepare for the spring season, many tyre and bike retailers will be offering riders free safety checks throughout April.

“Competing at the very highest level, the Milwaukee Yamaha team are only too aware of the importance of correct tyre care for maximum performance,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “While we’re not asking riders to try and emulate the riding style of the team, it is important that they do give their tyres the same levels of care and attention before taking to the roads.”

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