New iPhone app provides tyre pressure recommendation


6thOct10iPhone users in the UK can now be sure of inflating their car tyres to the correct pressure following the launch of the free TyreSafe iPhone app. Users simply input their vehicle registration details and the app provides the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended tyre pressure settings in both psi and bar. The app has been launched by TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety organisation, as part of October’s tyre safety month.

“Many drivers tell us that they don’t check their tyre pressures because they are unsure of the correct settings,” explains Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “The new TyreSafe iPhone app completely removes this problem and instantly provides drivers with their car’s tyre pressure information. So whether they’re on their driveway at home, the supermarket filling station or at the services on the motorway, iPhone users can be sure of having the correct information to hand.”

Correct tyre pressure is vital to road safety. Under-inflated tyres are much more likely to suffer from a sudden rapid deflation, typically on motorways at high speeds, as excessive heat builds up within the tyre causing it to fail catastrophically. Handling and grip are also affected, potentially causing irregular or unpredictable vehicle behaviour. Running costs also increase with under-inflated tyres as they make the vehicle less fuel efficient and wear out much quicker.

The TyreSafe iPhone app utilises one of most comprehensive vehicle pressure databases commercially available, ensuring the widest, most accurate and up to date information is provided. The app is available to download free of charge from the ‘travel’ and ‘navigation’ sections of the iPhone App Store, or can be found by searching for ‘TyreSafe’. For drivers without an iPhone, TyreSafe has also made the information available on this website.

Tyre pressures should be checked at least once a month or before a long journey. They should be checked when the tyres are cold (i.e. travelled less than two miles) using an accurate pressure gauge. Drivers without an iPhone or internet access can find their tyre pressure settings in their vehicle handbook, inside the fuel filler cap or on a plate located on the driver’s door sill.

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