NFU Mutual helps grow tyre safety message


NFU Mutual, the UK’s leading rural insurer, is the latest organisation to join the tyre safety campaign group TyreSafe. As a member, the insurer will have access to the very latest campaign materials available from TyreSafe, helping it to educate its own customers and staff about the importance of correct, regular tyre maintenance.

NFU mutual is the second insurer to join the organisation, which now boasts some 70 members from a diverse range of sectors including tyre manufacturers and retailers, car manufacturers, emergency services, local councils, fleet operators and many others.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “We’re incredibly pleased to welcome NFU Mutual into the TyreSafe family especially given its expertise in risk assessment and its connection with rural communities. We are confident that this added dimension will help us to keep even more drivers safe on our roads.”

Prior to becoming a TyreSafe member, NFU Mutual was already incredibly supportive of the organisation’s work, carrying out a number of education based initiatives with its customers including a series of safety seminars in partnership with another TyreSafe member, the British Horse Society. These seminars were recently awarded a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of their outstanding contribution to improving road safety.

“Becoming a member of TyreSafe underwrites our commitment to road safety and highlights the vital contribution tyres make to the safety of people who live and work in the countryside,” said Nicki Whittaker, a Rural affairs Specialist for the insurer. “We are looking forward to working with TyreSafe and spreading the tyre safety message to our staff, agents and customers.”

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