TyreSafe Awards 2019

The free to enter TyreSafe Awards are open to any company, organisation or individual who has made a contribution to raising awareness about tyre safety issues. Winners are presented with their awards at a gala dinner, which will take place following the TyreSafe Briefing on Thursday 18 July 2019 at St George’s Park, Burton upon Trent.

About theTyreSafe Awards

Submission will soon be accepted for the TyreSafe Awards 2019.

TyreSafe understands smaller organisations may not have the same resources available to them to complete as comprehensive an award entry as larger operations. In such circumstances, TyreSafe will accept shorter entries but does expect all entrants to provide as much information as possible.

Companies, organisations or individuals may submit multiple awards for any of the categories. Entries will be judged on their positive contribution to raising measurable awareness about the dangers associated with illegal and defective tyres, with a particular emphasis on evidence of detailed planning and review.






Essential Information
Tyre Safety Vehicle Advice
Tyre Safety Driver Advice