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The TyreSafe Awards are now open for entries. The awards throw a spotlight on those national and local organisations and individuals who have made a contribution to raising awareness about tyre safety issues at a gala dinner which follows the TyreSafe Briefing.

Awards entry form

  • Judging criteria

    When submitting an entry you are required to provide at least an overview of your campaign/activity and any supporting images or materials (such as adverts, news clippings or leaflets). In that overview, entrants should provide as much information as possible to cover the key points below.

    • The reasons you chose to undertake the campaign and objectives you set out to achieve (please include any research)
    • Your target audience
    • A description of your campaign/activities
    • Details of your supporting materials (eg videos, marketing, publicity, photos)
    • An evaluation of the results achieved
    • Why you think your entry should win

    TyreSafe will gladly accept additional supporting documentation for entries, which can be uploaded below.

    Please note: the ‘Safety in the community’ award is exclusively for road safety partnerships and local authorities (emergency services may be included in such submissions to this category but only where they have worked as one of the partners).
  • Please complete the following:

  • Your details

    (Please use a separate entry form for each category entered)
  • (as you would like it to appear on the award)
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