Part Worn Tyres Still a Problem in Scotland


These concerns are back-up by the environmental protection services at Glasgow City Council who found in recent checks at tyre dealerships, that a high percentage of the secondhand tyres checked did not meet the legal requirements and therefore could have posed a risk to an un-suspecting motorist.

Recent standard checks carried out by officers from Glasgow City Council on 12 secondhand dealers in Glasgow revealed that 38% of the part worn tyres on sale did not comply with the regulations. Glasgow City Council believes this number is likely to be reflected across the UK.

According to the TIC part worn tyres could be potentially dangerous, many have little more that the minimum of 2mm of tread and so pound for pound they offer very poor value for money. In addition, not knowing there history the tyres may well have been fitted to a vehicle involved in an accident and so be structurally damaged and so at the extreme could deflate rapidly.

Councillor David Stevenson, convener of the City Council’s Environmental Protection Services said, “We don’t believe Glasgow’s results will be any different from other major UK cities. That means there are an awful lot of people driving around in unsafe vehicles. It’s very worrying. We’ve taken appropriate action on all those who were breaking the law. This should also go out as a warning to those we did not test to make sure they are selling safe products”.

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