Pneu-Air Becomes Latest Tic Supporter


Pneu-Air developed the Uniflate system for tyre retailers to provide customers with the benefits of nitrogen tyre inflation to motorists rather than the traditional compressed.

“Incorrectly inflated tyres,” said TIC secretary Peter Taylor, “is becoming an increasingly serious problem. In a recent TIC survey we found that 90% of tyres checked were incorrectly inflated. We are delighted to have Pneu-Air as a TIC supporter as their Uniflate system offers clear benefits to drivers.”

The company is the sole supplier of nitrogen tyre inflation systems for all Formula 1 teams and the benefits of the product are being increasingly recognised by fleets and the general motoring public.

Pneu-Air is now planning to work with the TIC at the Council’s many tyre safety clinics being organised around the country.

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