Ready for ACTion? Tyre Safety Month materials available to supporters


Tyre Safety Month materials are now available to supporters wishing to join in the October-long campaign.

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Tyre Safety Month aims to raise awareness of the importance of tyre maintenance and contribute to the reduction in number of tyre-related incidents on Britain’s roads.

Launched at the online premiere of the TyreSafe Briefing, this year’s Tyre Safety Month campaign – Are your tyres ready for ACTion? – combines TyreSafe’s well-known acronym ACT with references to blockbuster films and characters. Titles like The Good, the Bad and the Underinflated; Done in 60 Seconds; and Judge Tread are all referenced to drive home the message for motorists to check Air pressure, Condition and Tread at least once a month and before long journeys.

Further titles from ‘TyreFlix Productions’ – such as Tyre Story; and The Usual Suspects – are also previewed.

A diverse range of assets to support the campaign have been generated to help supporters amplify the message across their audiences. In a world still dominated by concerns over the spread of COVID-19, the Tyre Safety Month leaflet is available when its distribution can be safely managed but this year there has been a particular focus on digital assets. These ensure sharing the tyre safety awareness message is not only easy but also safe.

The Tyre Safety Month online and social assets are also designed to trigger engagement among audiences and encourage further suggestions on film titles which can be adapted to support Are your tyres ready for ACTion?. Supporters are urged to help promote these objectives, with always on hand to help with any activities they have planned.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe Chair, said: “Raising the bar each year on Tyre Safety Month campaigns is something I’m very proud – and sometimes surprised – that we are able to achieve. Are your tyres ready for ACTion? has already begun to build the reputation of being the best yet. It offers the broadest range of supporters the widest scope of leveraging innovative and engaging assets to raise awareness of the tyre safety message.

“While organising on-ground activities is extremely challenging this year, the online assets we have available provide huge scope for stakeholders to participate in Tyre Safety Month this October.”

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