Scooter commuters reminded to keep the Ride to Work tyre safe


With the Motorcycle Industry Association’s (MCIA) Ride to Work Week at full throttle, TyreSafe is reminding scooter commuters to carry out regular tyre checks to ensure we can all #CommuteHappy. With just two wheels, tyre selection and maintenance are essential for a motorcycle as well as knowing the right time to replace them.

The number of people riding motorcycles has increased in recent years including those who have been attracted to mopeds and scooters due to the lower running costs and the ease of commuting, particularly in urban areas. The MCIA claims a rider saves on average four working days a year by being able to cut through traffic jams rather than being stuck in them, and if 10% of car drivers switched to two wheels congestion would be cut by 40%.

However, nearly 30% of MoT failures in this class of motorcycles are due to tyre-related defects according to figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. That reflects concerns that scooter commuters too often prioritise running costs over appropriate levels of maintenance.

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “Ride to Work Week is an ideal platform to raise awareness on the benefits of motorised two-wheeled transport and advise riders of the essential safety measures they should take. While Scooters and mopeds offer a cost effective way to enter the motorised transport world and get to and from work, college or the train station, owners cannot afford to neglect their tyres and ride them in an unroadworthy condition. No matter how experienced or skilled a rider is, tyres are fundamental to their bike’s performance and need to be checked, ideally once a week.”

Karen Cole, MCIA Safety and Training Director, said: “Reducing congestion in our towns and cities is a priority and there are huge benefits to encouraging more people to commute safely on a motorcycle or scooter, both to the individual and to the wider UK economy. If you can ride a bike, you can learn to look after your tyres and I’d urge all riders to make sure they are up to speed with Tyresafe’s simple checks.”

Scooter commuter checklist:

  • The minimum limit for a tyre’s tread depth on motorcycle with an engine capacity of 51cc and over is 1mm throughout a continuous band around at least three quarters of the breadth of the tread
  • Those below 50cc must have a clearly visible tread pattern around the entire circumference and across the whole breadth of the tyre
  • Tyre pressures can be found in the owner’s manual or on the swing arm connecting the rear wheel to the bike’s frame
  • Check tyres are free of damage such as sidewall scuffs
  • Need a replacement? Go for a like-for-like replacement
  • Remember: there are three different measures used for scooter tyre sizes, if in any doubt, seek professional advice
  • New tyres fitted? Motorcycle tyres have a thin, slippery residue on them when new as a result of the manufacturing process – allow 100 miles of cautious riding to ‘scrub’ them.

For further information and to view its informative animation on scooter tyre safety, please click here.

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