TIC Endorses First Safety Product


The ‘Air In Your Spare’ product, will be marketed in the UK by hydraulics and fittings specialists Pirtek, and consists of a flexible connector permanently attached to the spare tyre normally located in the boot area. It enables the car owner to monitor the pressure of the spare with the capability of topping up the pressure from a conventional air line.

Tyre pressures are a major concern for the TIC. In the most recent survey undertaken by the Council the vast majority of tyres checked were either under or over inflated and in need of some pressure adjustment. The ‘Air In Your Spare’ device is a simple yet effective product that can be quickly and conveniently fitted to the spare tyre inflation valve allowing regular checks of the spare to be undertaken without the necessity of removing anything from the boot in the process. The spare tyre is invariably the one tyre on a vehicle that is never checked and topped up for pressure and therefore is not legally appropriate for fitment to a vehicle in the case of an emergency.

The ‘Air In Your Spare’ product will be available via a website and at retail outlets to be determined. The product will retail at under £20.00 plus VAT.

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