Toyota and Lexus support tyre safety campaign


15thDec10Toyota and Lexus have become the latest vehicle manufacturers to join tyre safety organisation, TyreSafe. The group now boasts a dozen vehicle manufacturer members who are helping to raise standards of tyre care and maintenance through driver education and engagement.
“It’s wonderful to receive the support and backing of two fantastic brands such as Toyota and Lexus,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe.

“We have seen very positive results from the excellent contributions made by our other vehicle manufacturer members and we are looking forward to the two new members becoming equally involved.” Toyota has already started highlighting the critical role that tyres play in driver safety with a trial winter weather tyre programme. The pilot scheme is targeting owners of some of Toyota’s most popular car and light commercial models, informing them about the added safety benefits of fitting winter tyres.
In addition to the winter tyre programme, Toyota and Lexus will run a series of activities throughout their 207 Toyota and 58 Lexus UK service and retail networks, reminding drivers about the importance of correct tyre care. The brands will also add tyre safety information to their websites and run educational features in their customer magazines.
“Despite the many innovations and technological advances that our engineers and design teams make, tyres remain one of the most critical elements affecting driver and occupant safety,” explains Steve Settle, Director, Customer Services, Toyota & Lexus. “We hope that through our membership of TyreSafe more drivers will pay attention to the condition of their tyres, helping to save even more lives.”

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