Truck Tyre Safety Top Tips

When it comes to truck tyre pressure, depth and condition, we’ve got the top tips for correct tyre maintenance.

Top tips for correct tyre maintenance:

Tyre Pressure

  1. Check the pressure of HGV tyres before they leave the workshop, or once a week if the vehicle is a frequent visitor.
  2. Check the pressure in all tyres not forgetting to check any spare tyre(s) as well.
  3. Tyre pressure should be checked against the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure for the axle loads (or the tyre manufacturer’s
  4. recommended operating pressures).
  5. Check the pressure when tyres are cold or when the vehicle has travelled less than two miles.
  6. Use a reliable and accurate pressure gauge.
  7. Ensure that valve extensions are fitted and working for inner twins.
  8. If you are unsure on any aspect of tyre pressure or tyre condition take your vehicle to an approved fitting centre and speak to the experts.

Tread Depth

TyreSafe recommends that drivers consider changing their tyres before the legal limit of 1mm. The same regulation applies to regrooved tyres. Tyre tread depth should be checked at least once a month or at every fleet inspection, using an accurate tread depth gauge.

Condition of Tyres

  1. Clean the dirt from the valves and make sure that valve caps are fitted to each wheel
  2. Remove any stones and other objects embedded in the tread. Look out for any bulges, lumps or cuts to the tread & sidewalls.
  3. Steering alignment should be corrected if front tyres show signs of excessive or uneven wear.
  4. If the tyres have been regrooved, check that there are no exposed cords and advise the fleet manager immediately as the tyre is unsafe for use.

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