Tyre Safety Messages go Trucking with Goodyear/Dunlop


The 30 or so Goodyear/Dunlop fleet of delivery vehicles which operates nationwide from the company’s national distribution centre in Birmingham have one of eight tyre safety messages applied to the back of each trailer.

The DAF five-axle drawbar vehicles are being used to delivery truck, car and motorcycle tyres throughout the UK and, therefore, operate on the motorway network and are visible to thousands of motorists each week.

The five tyre safety messages are shown on the vehicles, in each case the Tyre Industry Council logo sits alongside the copy line.

“We are supporters of the work of the TIC®” said Goodyear/Dunlop’s Ron Pike, “and we are anxious to push tyre safety messages whenever we can. Placing these important messages on the reverse of our delivery fleet seemed an ideal way of punching home these messages”.

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