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Tyre safety is all too often overlooked by fleet drivers and organisations. Estimates suggest that up to a third of all road traffic accidents in the UK involve at least one person who is driving for work. This shocking statistic equates to more than 200 people killed or seriously injured in a work-related driving accident every single week

Tyre Safety Check Guide

How to check your air pressures and check your tyre tread with the 20p test

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Tyre Safety Benefits

Correct tyre maintenance has many benefits for both the business and drivers.

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Many of incidents can be avoided on the roads by carrying out just a few simple tyre checks before departing. Indeed, tyres play a vital role in road safety as they are the only point of contact a car has the road. Basic checks, such as inspecting the air pressure and tyre tread levels plus the tyre’s overall condition, can make a crucial difference in how a car performs. But while safety is paramount, properly maintained tyres can reduce fuel bills and have a longer life. Tyre safety is the responsibility of everyone, whether it is the individual company car driver or the business they work for.

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