Tyre Safety Benefits

Correct tyre maintenance has many benefits for both the business and drivers.

First and foremost, correct tyre management and maintenance improves the safety for employees and road users around them. From a legal perspective, it helps ensure that the vehicles meet all road traffic laws and requirements, as well as complying with Health and Safety regulations. It also can reduce the risk of employees and management being prosecuted for road traffic accidents when suffered in work time. However, there are also many financial benefits. Tyres last longer when correctly inflated, reducing fleet running costs. Correct tyre pressure also helps to reduce fuel bills. There might also be fewer missed meetings and business opportunities which could be caused through vehicle downtime. Safer driving can also mean fewer accidents and lower insurance premiums, less legal and repair bills and reduced administration investigating accidents. For the organisation as a whole, there might be fewer lost days because of injuries and the possibility of a reduced risk of employees being banned from driving.
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