To ensure your TPMS system continues to operate properly and reduce the likelihood of an MOT failure, it may be necessary to have the system serviced occasionally

TPMS sensors are designed to last for many years and miles, however, after a certain period, the sensor’s internal battery will run out meaning a replacement is needed. In addition, sensors can become faulty or fail completely as a result of weather damage, corrosion or accidental damage caused when changing tyres. To ensure the sensor remains in good condition, many manufacturers recommend replacement of the valve cap and core components every time a tyre is changed. When replacement TPMS sensors are fitted to your vehicle, your tyre fitter may need to programme the new component to the car using specialist diagnostic equipment. If your TPMS sensor does develop a fault, under no circumstances should this be removed and replaced with a ‘standard’ non-TPMS type valve. Removing the sensor will not only reduce your safety on the road, it will also result in your car failing its MOT.
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