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Such is the importance of correct tyre inflation on passenger vehicles, TPMS is regarded as an important safety feature

TPMS is a system fitted to a vehicle which constantly monitors the pressures or pressure imbalance in the tyres and provides a warning to the driver if these fall below a certain threshold. However, TPMS should not be seen as a replacement for regular manual tyre safety checks. Two types of TPMS systems are fitted on cars today:

  • Direct systems use radio sensors mounted inside of each wheel to measure the tyre inflation pressures – they ‘directly’ measure the pressure within each tyre and send the data to a control unit
  • Indirect systems utilise the vehicle’s existing ABS sensors to measure and compare the rotational speeds of the tyres and vibrations to ‘indirectly’ calculate the pressure within the tyres.
Both types of system work with the vehicle’s main Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to alert the driver via dashboard warning lights to any pressure loss or variance issues.
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