TyreSafe and Highways Agency strengthen their partnership


Following its endorsement of last October’s tyre safety month campaign, the Highways Agency is set to help improve tyre safety on an ongoing basis after being granted full member status of the tyre industry campaign group TyreSafe. By becoming a full member, the Highways Agency will be represented at the group’s regular board meetings, helping to improve dialogue and collaboration between the organisations. Additionally, it will become involved in a number of tyre safety related activities throughout the year.

“We have been working increasingly closely with the Highways Agency to raise awareness about tyre safety issues over the last two years,” explains Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “Through this relationship we have established a number of other key partnerships and initiated some very successful activities. By formalising our relationship, I am confident that this will help accelerate our activities, raise awareness levels even further and help to save even more lives.”

One of the key elements to the relationship will involve engaging with the many local road safety partnerships throughout the UK. With established links into these, the Highways Agency will help TyreSafe activate tyre safety campaigns at a local level, generating greater levels of engagement with drivers and businesses. Additionally, the two organisations will work together on TyreSafe’s key nationwide awareness programmes.

“We are delighted to have been invited to formally join TyreSafe,” comments Stuart Lovatt, Road Safety Action Plan Coordinator at the Highways Agency. “Correct tyre care and maintenance is essential to driver safety, helping them to avoid incidents and reduce the risk of delays to their journey. We look forward to building upon our existing relationship and helping to improve the attitudes and behaviours of drivers towards tyre care.”

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