TyreSafe and NTDA to co-operate on part worn crackdown


TyreSafe’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the risks associated with fitting part-worn tyres have been given a further boost with support from the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA).

Following TyreSafe’s recent webinar to Trading Standards officers, the organisation has received numerous requests for support to carry out investigations at a local level. To help facilitate these requests, TyreSafe will be working with the NTDA to provide resources to local trading standards in their efforts to identify those part worn tyre dealers failing to comply with existing legislation.

“The sale of illegal and dangerous part worn tyres is a significant road safety issue, so we are delighted to receive the support and assistance from our industry colleagues in the NTDA,” comments Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe. “This additional help will ensure that any Trading Standards officers who are looking to improve standards locally by carrying out education programmes or mystery shopper investigations now have local resources to assist them with this.”

The sale of illegal and dangerous part worn tyres continues to be a problem in the UK. Last year, TyreSafe carried out its own investigation into the issue and found that 98 percent of the 50 sample tyres it purchased had been sold illegally as they failed to meet the part worn tyre legislation. More worryingly, more than a third contained dangerous forms of damage and one tyre was described by the independent investigation engineer as having “the potential to kill.”

“Once again, TyreSafe is leading the way with some excellent work designed to improve standards of tyre safety and we are delighted to be able to provide some assistance tackling this critical issue,” comments Richard Edy, director, NTDA.

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