TyreSafe announces First Stop as an official supporter


TyreSafe is pleased to announce First Stop, one of Britain’s biggest tyre service provider networks, has become its latest official supporter.

With 78 service centres in Britain and over 2000 outlets across Europe, First Stop, closely associated with the world’s number one tyre and rubber company Bridgestone, adds significantly to TyreSafe’s network of supporters.

“First Stop prides itself on outstanding customer service and we consider explaining the importance of tyre safety as an essential part of that relationship,” said First Stop’s Partner Zone Manager, Mike Glover. “While a great deal of outstanding work has been done to reduce the number of tyre-related incidents, our in-store experts all too often see our customers arrive with tyres in a condition which warrants concern. By becoming an official supporter TyreSafe, we can now accelerate our safety awareness among those customers through the use of the organisation’s extensive library of materials and assets.”

Stuart Jackson, chairman, TyreSafe, said: “TyreSafe’s supporter network is at the front line of delivering the tyre safety message face-to-face with Britain’s drivers on a daily basis. Their work is essential in promoting regular tyre maintenance checks among vehicle owners and has substantially contributed to the 31 per cent reduction in tyre-related casualties since TyreSafe’s inception. With the announcement of First Stop’s formal support, the TyreSafe message will benefit from additional reach through one of Britain’s largest tyre service providers.”

Originally formed by the tyre industry in 2006, TyreSafe now boasts a supporter network which includes car manufacturers, road safety partnerships, supermarket brands, insurance companies and Police and Fire Services across the country. Supporter status is available to the full range of Britain’s tyre safety awareness stakeholders – from single outlet retailers to global corporations. For more information on formally supporting TyreSafe, please contact theteam@tyresafe.org

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